Greg Stacey



Until recently, I worked in the NHS as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. Over a thirty-five year career, I held a variety of clinical and management roles, but now I spend my time writing and playing music.

I have always had a passion for history and reading and have eclectic tastes, ranging from the Classics to modern Action and Adventure Thrillers.

Over the years, I have written numerous essays and short stories. I am currently working on a novel called The Agnatum, the first in a series about the characters and adventures of an intelligence organisation, Strategic Intelligence And Defence.

My ambition is to write engaging stories, with well-developed, believable characters and plots that make it impossible for the reader not to turn the next page.

Besides my recent excursion into fiction writing, I am also a keen musician and have played the guitar since my late teens. I enjoy cooking, am partial to a glass of good wine and, very occasionally, a small dram of Single Malt. I also enjoy travelling and have had the good fortune of visiting many European countries over the years, as well as undertaking several business and social trips to North America.

I live in Wiltshire, in the South of England, with my wife and I have three grown up children.

I maintain a Facebook page and Twitter account to network with friends and readers.

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