Greg Stacey


The Agnatum - synopsis

The Agnatum is set in the present day, but begins during World War Two, with the development of a ‘superweapon’ in the German Wunderwaffe programme. 

In the last few years of the war, Germany became increasingly frantic to devise new, powerful, and sometimes bizarre weapons that could turn the tide in its favour. As the Allies began to overcome the Luftwaffe and gain air superiority, the invasion of mainland Europe became an imminent reality and Germany's desperation to create and develop new technologies pushed 1940's science to the limit.

The Agnatum is the story of the development of one such superweapon. Unable to complete their work before the conflict ends and the war is lost, a powerful group of Germans, the Agnatum, who planned a counter regime to the Nazi dictatorship in the final stages of the war, leave a legacy to their descendants to continue their work, in order to restore Germany’s former glory and supremacy. The eventual successful development of the superweapon ultimately threatens world stability by potentially forcing governments to give in to the demands of the Agnatum's leaders.

The danger that the superweapon poses has to be countered. An international intelligence organisation, Strategic Intelligence and Defence ©, is charged with the task, under the leadership of the charismatic central character, Nathan Stone.

Stone, aided by a trusted and dependable colleague, Spencer White, and a former lover, Dr Georgie Manston, heads up an experienced team of skilled professionals to track down those behind the plot and thwart their ambitions, whilst struggling with his own personal relationships. As the conspiracy and web of secrecy around the superweapon unravels, Stone and his team track The Agnatum across Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.