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"This was a thrilling read in the true sense of the word. The Agnatum is a hard to put down action thriller set in the present day. No plot spoilers here, but the appearance of anachronistic 1940s technology in modern times threatens to undermine the Western world and the story develops along this theme. The pace of the novel is exhilarating, the characters well developed and plot kept driving me onto the next page. An excellent story and I can highly recommend."

"Enjoyed this novel, it moves along very well good characters and interesting plot. If you like your novels with plenty of action I can recommend this as a winner."

"The characters are credible and the story zips along once the scene is set. The interface with the past stretches credulity, but isn't that often what we seek in a novel - to be challenged and to consider again? As I was reading I was mindful of the Robert Harris book 'Fatherland' set in an imagined 1960s world where the Nazis had won WW2. The clash of a present day setting for the book with Teutonic supremacy from the 1940s is a stark reminder of what we have thankfully avoided. Good stuff! I hope there will be a sequel to this book."

"Fast paced action filled pages of adventure, intrigue, killings, weapons, classic cars, classical music, romance, psychology, psychopaths, military, science. Well written with good, but not over egged descriptions. All the characters come alive in your head and they become part of you as you become pumped up with all the action that develops. I would suggest that this is primarily a blokes book, but as a female reader, I thoroughly enjoyed the blood and gore that flowed through some of the pages!The Agnatum"

"I rarely buy books by new authors, unless they come recommended, however I was taken with the title - and the cover note. I believe this is the author’s first novel, but to read it, one would not think so. The plot is well conceived, the characters well described, leaving me feeling that I actually have met them. There are twists and turns and one is left guessing who is responsible for what almost until the end. I found the story compelling and difficult to put down. There is something of the ‘Ian Fleming’ about the style of writing, but this is no Bond book. I visited the authors website and found a comment that the book ‘read like a film’ and there is that quality about it, whether intentioned or not, but there is also plenty to work the reader’s imagination. I see that there is another novel in the offing - good news, as if it is as good as The Agnatum, I will definitely be reading it."


"I so so enjoyed this book. Luckily I was on holiday when I read it as I really struggled to put it down once I had started it. I do so hope this is the first of many as I am looking forward already to the next one. It really gripped my imagination."

Other Reviews.

‘Just finished The Hitchhikers Guide – what a laugh. I was in Greece in 1978, a year later than your travels. It brought back so many memories. I too met a lot of very strange, but lovely people.’ GL via email

‘Hi Greg – superb. An electrifying roller coaster of a ride. I thought The Agnatum was good, but TXA 453 is better still. Well done.’ GH via email

‘Terrific read – you’ve outdone yourself.’ JS via email

‘What an extraordinary imagination you have. To write one book but then follow it with TXA – brilliant.’ DR via email

‘Where do you get your ideas from – this one is better than the first.’ KL via email (TXA 453)

‘Brilliant characters – especially Garza.’ SE via email

‘Nothing amateur about this writer – utterly brilliant – again!’ JT via email (TXA 453)

‘Just read The Agnatum – what a story. Will download TXA 453 today.’ LR via email


'Ian Fleming meets Clive Cussler - you've done it again Greg'  TXA 453 LG via email


"Hi Greg – just finished The Agnatum – absolutely riveting" PN via email


"Awesome!" JM via email


“Couldn’t stop reading it – well written and totally absorbing. Would make a brilliant film.” FT Colorado


"Awesome stuff" – couldn’t put it down’ GH Reading


"Greg – great story - like Clive Cussler, but with attitude – when is the next one out?"


“I tried leaving a review on Amazon, but for some reason it would not let me. I thought The Agnatum was brilliant. What a great concept. Will there be more?”  SC via email.


"Gripping and thrilling - couldn’t put it down. I thought it was like earlier Clive Cussler books - are you a fan of his? Saw your blog about a new book - excellent - when will it be out?" NK via email


"Nice tight storyline, with great characters - will they be returning? I do hope so. I am not really a reader of adventure stories, but the opening was so enticing I decided to download the entire book. I wasn’t disappointed and look forward to a sequel?" TP via email


"With so many good books to download out there, it’s hard to choose, especially when there are lots that are free. I downloaded a taster of the Agnatum from Amazon and was immediately hooked. At $2.99 it’s a great buy - and well worth it. When is the next one Greg?" BH Seattle via email


"I bought this thinking it would be a World War Two story, based on the introduction - WW2 novels are a favourite of mine. At first I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t, but reading further, I started to enjoy the story, which is great and the writing style is good too. If this is your first novel Greg, keep going, it’s brilliant and I can’t wait for your next. Good luck. FJ Newbury" via email


 "Hi Greg - remember me? - we used to work together about twenty five years ago. So you are now a writer, how cool is that. Just finished The Agnatum - what a brilliant story. Where did you get the idea from? - really novel (no pun intended). Are you doing another one? Please mail me back, it would be lovely to catch up." SR Hull via email


"Hi Greg. I live in Ontario, so greetings from Canada. Found you book purely by chance on the internet while looking up a friend of mine, also called Greg Stacey and decided to download it. Best 2.99 I’ve spent for a while. Read your blog and other reviews and saw this was your first book - but it doesn’t read like it. Liked the story and the characters. I’m writing my first book at the moment, which I hope to publish sometime this year - wish I’d thought of your storyline. When is the next one out and will it be the same characters?" KM via email


"Hey Greg it’s … We used to work at the same branch of LB back in the 70’s. I came across your authors page on Facebook and then found your website. I heard you worked in the NHS. When did you start writing? Downloaded The Agnatum and read it in just a few days (I’m now retired) couldn’t put it down as it’s utterly brilliant. I wish you every success - you deserve it. When is the next book out - interesting title?????" SH via email


"Great book, fast paced, adventure, intrigue, surprises, romantic issues, classic cars, guns, various geographical locations, some very sinister characters - one for your reading list." - H Wiltshire


"I stumbled across this by accident – the authors page looked interesting, so I downloaded a preview and was hooked. If this is a first attempt at a novel, then this guy is good. Well written, great story (it read almost like a film). The characters are well rounded and interactions between them work well, with some nice comedic touches occasionally. I read the book quickly as I needed to find out what happened next. I hope there is more to come." JS - London

"Hi Greg. ‘The Agnatum’ - what a great read and title. I was intrigued - it seemed like Latin, so I Googled it and found it means ‘offshoot’ or ‘side shoot’ - more intrigue. I had read your brief description and made the decision to download the sample pages. The opening was enough to make me want to read further, so I downloaded the book. I like Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy and found a kindred spirit in your writing. A really good action thriller, with a different and, I think, effective storyline. An excellent plot, that moves along at pace and believable, well described characters. I hope there will be other SIAD novel to follow this one." KS - via email


"What a brilliant idea, using a Wunderwaffe weapon as a basis for your novel. I am really into Second World War Fiction and nearly didn’t download the Agnatum because it wasn’t set during the war, but having read the sampler, I wanted to see what happened next. A good adventure, well written - will there be more in the future?" DG via email


"The Agnatum - An interesting twist on the Wunderwaffe Programme and a good read. Great idea for a plot and written in a style a little reminiscent of Clive Cussler, but absolutely nothing wrong with that. I thoroughly enjoyed it - will there be a sequel?" PL via email

"Is there going to be a sequel? I do hope so. What a terrific read, all the right elements for a thrilling read. Well done." L.G via email