Greg Stacey


Personal Quotes & Scribblings

When everything seems to be against you , it generally means you’re doing something with purpose

We can look to the past to remedy our errors or go blindly forward to make the same mistakes

Writing gives me freedom of expression - maybe one day it will give me the ability to pay the bills!

Wisdom is accumulated with age – at a cost none of us should have to incur!

If everything was interesting and nothing dull, would that make everything uninteresting?


Seldom can one man change anything, but together we can move worlds


Positive procrastination – the art of putting off what will only lead to a negative emotion


Boredom is a state of mind, relieved by doing something


A good memory is as precious as gold dust


Sometimes life seems about as simple as a Rubik's Cube – I never quite mastered that either!


A little kindness shown, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, may make another’s day.


Complaing never solved anything


Believing in anything is hard; believing in oneself is the hardest of all


Greatness can only be truly achieved through humility.


Our passage through life may sometimes be difficult, but the struggle is what makes us who we are.


The older I get the more comfortable I feel in my own skin, mainly because it’s not as tight as it used to be!


Help is something we all need at time. Embrace it when it is offered.


‘The paths we choose are of our own making, you have no one else to blame,’ From The Agnatum


Life is too short for sleep, but who needs to sleep to dream.


If reaching for the stars seems a little too far, then try to the end of the street instead.


Blamelessness is something that none of us are guilty of.


They say that patience is a virtue, but virtue sometimes requires patience.


We may not be able to see the future, but we can shape it.


When I was young, my father told me I would know better; when I was older. Now I am older, I still don’t know better, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever want to!


There are many things in life we can’t control, accepting that often helps.


Faith is something we all need, but sometimes lack.


Should a day pass without an act of kindness, make sure the next doesn’t.


The best things in life aren’t necessarily free, but they don’t have to be expensive


If life really was a bowl of cherries, I’d be full and have stomach ache by now!


Sometimes life surprises you, but good or bad, that’s what makes it worth living for.


If life seems too large, turn the binoculars around - that’ll make it seem really small!


Life may not be easy, but if it was there would be no adventure. 


No matter how hard the road, if you wear the right shoes, you can make it.


Our passage through life may sometimes be difficult, but the struggle is what makes us who we are.


If nature had thought that we might become so destructive, then she may have decided not to create us in the first place.


'There is no point in worrying - wait until the problem is delivered to your doorstep, then deal with it.' My Grandfather.


To be fallible is to be human - to be human is to be fallible.


 A Bentley makes the journey more comfortable, but a beaten up old Honda will still get you there; it’s the journey itself that’s important.


When time flies, it generally means you’re having a good time - fly well.


There is only one thing we should ever worry about - worry itself!